Monday, 27 June 2011

Get in Shape for your Wedding

Wedding celebrations are very special occasions that don't happen very often whether you are the bride, groom, maid of honour, best man, bridesmaid, or a guest. This is the time to look and feel your best!

Beautiful venues and stunning dresses go along nicely with fit and shapely bodies.

Bride & Groom:

Congratulations on your engagement!

With all the planning and organisation involved, a fast approaching wedding date can be an extremely stressful time. The pressure for you to look your best creates additional anxiety that you could do without.

This usually entails resorting to a quick fix diet and exercise program that is unproductive, unhealthy, and generally leaves you feeling disappointed when the big day arrives. Let's not forget that this is a time when you should be on top of the world, enjoying the most important day of your life.

This is where nrgize comes in. We tailor a training program specifically for your personal fitness goals along with nutritional advice and all the motivation needed to see you through to the big day. We ensure that you not only look your absolute best, but also feel your best, radiating confidence as you walk down the isle to make a lifetime commitment to the one you love. Let nrgize take the stress out of looking and feeling your best on your wedding day.

For the Bride:

Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day and now that you've found the perfect dress, take advantage of working with one of our fitness experts so that you look and feel absolutely amazing. We have the tools and knowledge to guide you step by step on how to sculpt those arms, tone those legs and how to really tighten up that waistline.

For the Groom:

Whether you are a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, Nrgize Personal trainers will help you lose fat, flatten your abs, reduce stress and increase your stamina, strength and flexibility. Our personal trainers will provide you with the guidance and knowledge you need to achieve the results you desire with fun and challenging training sessions. You will fit into your suit – guaranteed!

For the Wedding Party:

We also work with the mother of the bride, father of the bride, bridesmaids and groomsmen and can custom design training packages to fit around your wedding plans.

For the Ladies:

We focus on weight loss and toning. We have the tools and knowledge to guide you step by step on how to sculpt those arms, tone those legs and how to really tighten up that waistline.

For the Gentlemen:

We focus on fat loss and sculpting. Our personal trainers will provide you with the guidance and knowledge you need to achieve the results you desire with fun and challenging training sessions.

Energize Health & Fitness

Monday, 18 April 2011

To Love and To Pre-nup?

The time of ‘prenup’ being unromantic is a thing of the past.

Marriage is a contract and the best drafted contracts also include terms which relate to dissolving a contract.

The best time to decide to have a prenuptial agreement is pre-marriage (well in advance), when you are feeling positive about each other and when you have each others' interests at heart; not at a time of upset or conflict.

Who should consider pre-nuptial agreements?

The most obvious circumstances are where one or both persons are bringing considerable wealth to the marriage.

They should also be considered where one or both persons have been married previously and have accumulated wealth from the previous marriage. They may wish to protect their wealth for themselves or perhaps children of the previous marriage. Naturally, if future children are intended, then the agreement can contain a clause to deal with this (the law does not recognise pre-nuptial agreements where they are unfair to children of the marriage).

Another category of person who should consider ‘pre-nups’ are those who are intended to inherit wealth from family members and it is the intention that the wealth remains within the family. Marriage would put this wealth at risk and therefore you should give thought to a pre-nuptial agreement in order to protect the wealth and carry out the intention of the person whose wealth you will be inheriting.

For further advice, please contact Victor Collins of Bakewells Solicitors,Derby.

This blog entry is thanks to Martin Jinks,
Partner & Notary, Bakewells Solicitors, Derby.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is one of the most important of your life and the photographs will probably adorn your wall or mantelpiece for years to come, so you want to look stunning.

Finding that perfect dress is not always easy. It’s all very well looking through the countless magazines that are available and picking out styles that look stunning on the model, but will they actually suit you?

You may also have a list of styles in your mind that you definitely don’t want, but have no clue what you do want, perhaps declaring that you will know it when you see it, until you run out of time and have to make do with something you may feel is ‘second best’.

Why not take the guess work out of this important decision and get help and advice from an expert? You may feel that you can do this by putting yourself in the hands of the sales assistant or shop owner, and in many cases you may be right. But can you be absolutely sure that all the staff who tell you how great you look in a dress are being honest or just trying to make a sale?

Booking a consultation with an image consultant for a colour analysis and style/bodyline consultation will not only give you invaluable advice for choosing your wedding dress but also provide you with lifelong skills your can apply to the rest of your wardrobe too.

A colour analysis session will provide you with an insight into the shades that flatter your natural colouring – your skin tone, eye and hair colour. You will also discover which shade of white will be most flattering for your wedding dress – getting this wrong can find you looking pale, or even ill in your photographs! A style consultation will help you to understand so much about your body shape, proportions and scale, guiding you towards style of dresses that will fit in the right places and hide any bits you are unhappy with. This will again also help you with the rest of your wardrobe, enabling you to make informed choices in the style and fabric of the clothes you buy, a real investment in yourself.

So, before you head for the bridal shops why not give me a call for an informal chat or to make a booking for your one-to-one consultation and take the guess work and confusion out of your next shopping trip?

Judith Mercer - Personal Image Consultant
U Look Great

Friday, 18 March 2011

Perfect Hair for Your Perfect Day

Sculpt Hair GalleryHow can you achieve perfection effortlessly and with minimum stress? One Possible Answer: Hair extensions - they are a quick way of gaining more hair without having to wait months or even years to grow it.

Nottingham Wedding Professional Natalie Okpara tells us “Lots of brides are going for ‘clip in’ hair extensions, which seem a great temporary way of achieving length but there are better ways”

In fact there are lots of methods and some that offer even better value for money, a more natural stylisation and above all, remove the risk of clips displacing themselves in the hair or even falling out completely.

Its especially important on your wedding day to be confident and the last thing you need to deal with is a bad hair day, or worse still the style you have your heart set on, not last the entire day.

There are so many methods of hair extensions from bonding to individual keratin, weaves to clip ins and using micro rings, this list goes on and there are even more lengths and types of hair, from Indian ‘Remi’ to synthetic. Hair extensions done properly, can be an investment for the wedding day and the honeymoon!

To remove risk, ensure whoever is applying your hair extensions is experienced and considers your natural hair type, texture, colour and scalp condition. There is no “one type suits all” and the last thing you want is an itchy scalp spoiling your special day.

If you prefer to go completely natural, want straight, wavy or curly hair with some length, try Sculpt Hair Gallery’s unique Brazilian Blow Dry, It’s a smoothing system and deep conditioning treatment in one - perfect for damaged, colour or chemically treated hair.

Sculpt Hair Gallery offer FREE hair assessments (for all hair types from European, Afro, Asian and each mixed texture) and style ideas for your wedding, and even free removal and aftercare for some extension types. Why not call Natalie for a chat, or better still pop in for a coffee.

To Love and To Cherish would like to thank Sculpt Hair Gallery in Nottingham for this post.

Sculpt Hair Gallery
Hairdressing & Traditional Barbering for all hair types
27 Goosegate
0115 9881 881
07984 097543

Monday, 7 March 2011

Murder on the dance floor? Hopefully not!

One of the biggest changes in the wedding world, thanks to ‘Youtube’, is the desire for the bride and groom to have a choreographed 1st dance to surprise the onlookers. This is the only time that the bride and groom are alone during the busy day and can be an excellent surprise to the rest of the wedding party, if done well. You don’t want to be one of the clips on ‘Youtube’ that people ridicule. You need to seek expert help! How do you know who is an expert? All qualified dance instructors should be able to help you put together a routine to your favourite song but an expert will ask lots of questions before you even take to the dance floor. As an example they should be asking about the room layout, the dress restrictions, where the audience will be standing. They should also give you advice on music selection, photo opportunities and be able to interpret your characteristics in the dance. If you don’t feel you have this relationship, look elsewhere. As an example by finding out about the dress design, they can see if you can lift your arms above your head, will you feel vulnerable in a strapless dress if both arms are lifted, does the fullness of the skirt mean you can’t see fancy footwork, will the weight of the dress allow you to turn quickly, how will the groom avoid standing on your dress. Now you feel confident with your instructor, you need to put in the practise. To help save your money you don’t want to spend time going over the last lessons work, you should progress every time. That means practise in between lesson, at least 3 times a week, if not everyday. Once you have learnt your routine you should practise in your wedding shoes and try and simulate the weight/length of the dress with your underskirt or something similar. This will turn out to be the best part of the day as you both share the emotional experience of your 1st dance. Enjoy every minute of it., your guests will!

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Wedding Anger

Pre-match nerves or a warning sign?

When I decided to write about anger and weddings it was a thought that amused me to start with. Then, as I thought about it more, I realised how pertinent my work can be.

A large component of anger is stress. I am sure we all know that we are more likely to be triggered into anger if we are under stress and pressure. Given the emotional investment, the planning investment and the financial investment in a wedding it becomes one of the most pressured and stressful times of our lives. So let’s deal with the stress and first and then talk about anger.