Monday, 18 April 2011

To Love and To Pre-nup?

The time of ‘prenup’ being unromantic is a thing of the past.

Marriage is a contract and the best drafted contracts also include terms which relate to dissolving a contract.

The best time to decide to have a prenuptial agreement is pre-marriage (well in advance), when you are feeling positive about each other and when you have each others' interests at heart; not at a time of upset or conflict.

Who should consider pre-nuptial agreements?

The most obvious circumstances are where one or both persons are bringing considerable wealth to the marriage.

They should also be considered where one or both persons have been married previously and have accumulated wealth from the previous marriage. They may wish to protect their wealth for themselves or perhaps children of the previous marriage. Naturally, if future children are intended, then the agreement can contain a clause to deal with this (the law does not recognise pre-nuptial agreements where they are unfair to children of the marriage).

Another category of person who should consider ‘pre-nups’ are those who are intended to inherit wealth from family members and it is the intention that the wealth remains within the family. Marriage would put this wealth at risk and therefore you should give thought to a pre-nuptial agreement in order to protect the wealth and carry out the intention of the person whose wealth you will be inheriting.

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This blog entry is thanks to Martin Jinks,
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Monday, 4 April 2011

Choosing Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day is one of the most important of your life and the photographs will probably adorn your wall or mantelpiece for years to come, so you want to look stunning.

Finding that perfect dress is not always easy. It’s all very well looking through the countless magazines that are available and picking out styles that look stunning on the model, but will they actually suit you?

You may also have a list of styles in your mind that you definitely don’t want, but have no clue what you do want, perhaps declaring that you will know it when you see it, until you run out of time and have to make do with something you may feel is ‘second best’.

Why not take the guess work out of this important decision and get help and advice from an expert? You may feel that you can do this by putting yourself in the hands of the sales assistant or shop owner, and in many cases you may be right. But can you be absolutely sure that all the staff who tell you how great you look in a dress are being honest or just trying to make a sale?

Booking a consultation with an image consultant for a colour analysis and style/bodyline consultation will not only give you invaluable advice for choosing your wedding dress but also provide you with lifelong skills your can apply to the rest of your wardrobe too.

A colour analysis session will provide you with an insight into the shades that flatter your natural colouring – your skin tone, eye and hair colour. You will also discover which shade of white will be most flattering for your wedding dress – getting this wrong can find you looking pale, or even ill in your photographs! A style consultation will help you to understand so much about your body shape, proportions and scale, guiding you towards style of dresses that will fit in the right places and hide any bits you are unhappy with. This will again also help you with the rest of your wardrobe, enabling you to make informed choices in the style and fabric of the clothes you buy, a real investment in yourself.

So, before you head for the bridal shops why not give me a call for an informal chat or to make a booking for your one-to-one consultation and take the guess work and confusion out of your next shopping trip?

Judith Mercer - Personal Image Consultant
U Look Great